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Recent Roadwork at the Intersection of Science and Art

It seems it’s been eons since my last post to Evolutionary Routes; the blog was well on its way to becoming a great case study in fossilization. In light of my insomnolent work schedule these days (on which I blame my tardy … Continue reading

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Why do two dragons sleep soundly?

The little crow-sized troodontid dinosaur, Mei long (meaning “soundly sleeping dragon”) was more aptly named than Xu and Norell (2004) originally realized. Now, Chunling Gao and colleages (2012) have reported their discovery of a second fully articulated specimen preserved in … Continue reading

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Sinocalliopteryx and its feathered fast food

What’s so exciting about the recent report by Xing et al. (2012) of the feathered meals of a fuzzy compsognathid dinosaur known as Sinocalliopteryx? I mean, we’ve known for years that dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs, right? To me, this is … Continue reading

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Evolution Powered by Lightning?

In the film derivation of Mary Shelley’s classic, “Frankenstein”, the eccentric doctor floods the body of his chimaeric creation with the energy from a lightning bolt, imparting the monstrous biological assemblage with new life. Pure science fiction? Well, perhaps not completely. I’m … Continue reading

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Fleshing Out the Past: HMNS Hall of Paleontology

There’s a reason that it’s been a long time since the last Evolutionary Routes post. When I’m not writing about the results of funky scientific research, my artistic alter-ego takes on scientific illustration projects with museums and book publishers. In … Continue reading

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Fish Out of Water

The highly productive sciences of biology and paleontology are rapidly bridging the gaps in our knowledge about how disparate life forms diversified to fill all manner of niches on earth. Both in the fossil record and among living biological diversity, … Continue reading

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The Taming of the Chloroplast

A fascinating study [1] has recently underscored the hypothesis that our mitochondria, the power packs of our cells, share an ancient kinship with a particularly nasty disease, typhus. Put plainly, the same bacterium may have been the granddaddy of each. … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Batteries

Endosymbiosis: Bread Crumb Superhighway As life ambles along evolutionarily, it leaves behind bread crumbs of evidence that we can use to retrace its route. As bread crumb trails go, the one left by the process of endosymbiosis is a veritable multilane … Continue reading

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A Remarkable Pregnant Plesiosaur

Taking a quick break from the ‘origins of our genome’ series, because… Today, Drs. Luis Chiappe and Robin O’Keefe publish a paper about an exciting fossil find from the Cretaceous oceans of Kansas, 78 million years ago (yes, Kansas was … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Usual Suspects: 2. Hijackers in Rehab

Have you ever had a cold that you just couldn’t shake? One that seemed to take months to release its vicious grip on your abused body? Definitely NOT fun. Now imagine an infection that hangs on for millions of years. Yep, … Continue reading

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